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With more than 15 years experience in fire protection we are able to provide first class training and professional advice in the use of Fire Protection Equipment, Fire Safety and Fire Marshalling. We have provided training to a wide range of businesses including small shops and care homes to food production companies and the NHS.


Training for your staff is a legal requirement and must be carried out. Our training courses have proved extremely popular with excellent feedback from employers and candidates. We make the training enjoyable and informative and drive home the message of how important fire safety and awareness is. Training is carried out at our customers premises and all we need is a suitable classroom and an outdoor area for the practical element. All necessary equipment and materials are supplied by us.


We run a selection of training courses to help your staff to make safe decisions in the event of a fire and how to safely bring a fire under control using the correct equipment and methods. After the course there is a short multiple choice assessment and each candidate will receive a certificate of training in Fire Protection Equipment and its use, Fire Marshalling or both. There are 4 training packages we currently offer which can be cutomised with your own procedures if required.

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Training Package 1: Fire Safety and Fire Extinguishers

By far our most popular course - This package is ideal for all members of staff and fulfils the minimum legal requirement in Fire Safety Training. Candidates receive a good foundation in Fire Prevention and have the opportunity to actually tackle real class A and B fires using the Fire Extinguishers provided. The course lasts 2.5 hours. A Care Home specific version of this course is also available covering Fire Awareness in care environments.


Usually conducted in groups of up to 15. Additional places can be provided by prior arrangement.


A suitable indoor classroom space is required and an outdoor area for the practical element. All course material is supplied.


Training Package 2: Fire Marshal/Warden Upgrader

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Candidates must have completed Package 1 Training or equivalent prior to taking this course.


A very thorough course covering the roles of a Fire Marshal who may be responsible for Fire Safety,  Evacuations and regular fire safety Inspections. Suited to selected members of staff such as supervisors or managers this course gives those candidates a good understanding of Fire and prevention.


Usually conducted in groups of up to 15. Additional places can be provided by prior arrangement. The course takes approximately 3.5 hours.


Suitable indoor classroom space is required.

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Training Package 3: Fire Marshal Course

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A complete Fire Safety course - very popular - This course is designed to give selected members of staff a very thorough understanding of Fire and Fire Prevention in the workplace. The course covers the entire Training Package 1 syallabus, live fire fighting on real class A and B Fires and the entire Package 2 Fire Marshal training in one.


Usually conducted in groups of up to 15. Additional places can be arranged but this course is better conducted in smaller groups. The course is approximately 4 hours.


Suitable indoor classroom space is required and outdoor area for the practical element. All course material is supplied.


Training Package 4: Fire Alarm - Responsible Person

Do we service and maintain your Fire Alarm? - If so we offer a 1 hour training course to help your Fire Marshalls or Responsible Person understand and care for the system, keep logs and how to interpret alarms and other signals your panel may display.


This course is provided free of charge to all customers who have had their system installed by us.


Usually conducted in groups of up to 3. Additional places can be provided by prior arrangement.


Access to your panel and a small classroom space is required. This training can include sounding the alarm if required (by prior arrangement only).

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Thank you for conducting our Fire Safety training, I was very impressed with the content of the course and how it was serious but also fun to learn. I especially enjoyed using the Fire Extinguishers on the Fires! - NHS Nurse


I really wasn't looking forward to my Fire Marshals course as I have always found the subject difficult to understand but Sam made it enjoyable and understandable. I feel much more confident in my role as a Marshal. - Accountant, Hull.


We always use Lew Sainsbury and Sons for our training requirements, we have used others in the past but none have been as thorough. - Engineering Firm.

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