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jactone pafss

Jactone's innovative PAFSS system is now available. PAFSS or "Pneumatically Actuated Fire Suppression System" is designed to protect microenvironments such as computer server racks, electrical switch enclosures, flammable liquid stores, engine compartments on plant, buses and boats and machinery such as CNC machines to name just a few.


Kitchenguard is specifically designed for use in industrial kitchens and is LPCB approved.


Designed to be autonomous, not requiring any form of power supply to operate or interfaced to a Fire Suppression or Fire Alarm System, PAFSS is always on guard.


Available in a range of mediums and cylinder sizes to suit a range of applications our Jactone tranined Engineers will work with you to provide a solution which best suits the fire hazards present.


The systems are extremely effective and fast acting. The unique detection tubing is designed to pierce when exposed to heat directing the medium onto the source or can be used to trigger a deluge using specially designed nozzles and stainelss steel tubing to "flood" an area.


A range of solutions are available with completely automatic "direct" systems or automatic with manual override "indirect" systems.

NOVEC 1230: Extremely effective agent manufactured by 3M. The agent is designed to have low environmental impact. Novec is suited to electrical enclosures, computer server racks and other high value assets where normal extinguishants are not suitable.


The agent is designed to cause no damage to sensitive electronics and does not have the thermal shock of equivalent Co2 systems.

Carbon Dioxide: Effective on flammable liquid fires and safe for use on live electrical equipment. Co2 is suitable for use in electrical switchgear, machinery and flammable liquid stores.


The system is high pressure and has substantial "knock down" capabilities.

AFFF (Foam): Effective on flammable liquid fires and combustible solids, foam is ideal for flammable liquid stores and for areas where a smothering and cooling effect is desireable.


Very effective and tried and tested in its cousin the portable fire extinguisher.

Dry Powder: Effective on flammable liquid and fires involving flammable gas, Dry Powder has an outstanding "knock down" capability.


Suited for bin stores, engine bays, fume cupboards, flammable liquid stores and safe for use on live electrical equipment.

Kitchenguard logo
Kitchenguard logo

Kitchenguard: Specifically designed for industrial kitchens, Kitchenguard is used to suppress fires within extraction hoods, fryers and cooking areas.


The Wet Chemical agent is extremely effective. Delivered by stainless steel tubing and accurately positioned nozzles to ensure that fires are brought under control quickly and effectively.


Kitchenguard is LPCB approved.

direct PAFSS
Indirect PAFSS

Direct System


The pressurised detection tubing is designed and installed to allow heat to puncture the tubing allowing the chosen extinguishant to be discharge directly onto the source.


Completely automatic.

Indirect System


The pressurised detection tubing is used to detect heat and trigger a "flood" of extinguishant from a series of nozzles fed by stainless steel tubing.


This system has the option to manually trigger the discharge via emergency plungers and solenoid valves but still holds the benefit of being totally automatic if required.

A demonstration of the PAFSS System in operation using 4 Kg Dry Powder extinguishant:

Visit Jactone's YouTube channel for more videos on the PAFSS system here

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We are now capable of interfacing the PAFSS System to a CTec EP203 Control System allowing for automatic activation of the PAFSS System on detection of smoke or heat.


The System can be interfaced to the building Fire Alarm System to sound the alarm should the system activate. Detection is cross linked with the ability to abort the release via an abort button or trigger manual release through distinctive yellow break glass units.


We have already supplied this system to a variety of industry sectors to protect high value assets such as server farms and process machinery.


Using CTec's ACTIV range of approved detectors cross linked and zoned so that false alarms are avoided, the PAFSS system can be activated either automatically or manually in the early stages of fire development minimising the damage to equipment.


The EP203 can be interfaced to equipment shutdown systems and the main building Fire Alarm System and remote monitoring.

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