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Due to customer demand we now offer a range of compliance testing services including PAT testing, fixed electrical testing and gas tests including boiler service and certification. We are also able to offer electrical and gas installation and maintenance for both commercial and residential customers. As compliance testing often goes hand in hand with fire safety we now offer our customers a one stop solution for fire safety.


Our Engineers are time served qualified tradesmen who pride themselves on providing a professional service. We already provide testing services to clients ranging from residential care homes, shops, factories, hotels and hostels.


Portable appliance testing or more commonly known as "PAT" testing is an important part of your health and safety responsibilities to your employees and customers. Providing safe equipment is a requirement under the Health and Safety at work act 1974 and other pieces of legislation. PAT testing shows you are taking steps to comply with the law. Faulty appliances account for a large number of fires and PAT testing can identify potentially dangerous faults before they happen.


PAT testing is usually carried out annually or sooner depending on the type of equipment and the environment it is used in. Some equipment may be tested every two years should a risk assessment find that it is acceptable to do so.


Fixed electrical testing is usually carried out every 5 years and each circuit is tested to ensure its integrity. Electrical safety is a major part of fire safety as many fires in the workplace and the home are started by electrical faults. We use our NIC-EIC commercial electricians to carry out your testing.


Gas safety testing is usually carried out annually and also plays an important role in preventing fire. Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer, it is odourless and invisible. Part of the gas safety testing is to ensure this toxic gas is not leaking into your property. We use our Gas Safe registered commercial gas Engineers to carry out the testing.


We use professional, calibrated and traceable test equipment and carry out all testing to the latest British Standard and other ACoPs (Approved Code of Practice). Once each test has been performed a report is generated highlighting any issues and a certficate of compliance issued.


We also provide PAT testing for DJs, Entertainers and Bands. Many venues now insist that you produce a valid PAT testing certificate before you can use your equipment on their premises. We can often test equipment at short notice.


Being a small family run business our PAT testing prices are very competitive. Testing can be performed on site, at your home or by pre-arranged drop in sessions at our offices and workshops on South Orbital Trading Estate, Drypool Way in Hull.


We can also provide testing of 110v equipment for Tradesmen and Workshops.

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